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Embarking on the path of self-publishing a book is akin to starting an adventure – filled with possibilities, challenges, and the thrill of seeing your words transformed into a tangible product. At UK Design Co., we are not just service providers; we are your partners in this endeavour. Our commitment? Making sure that every author who chooses to self-publish gets the complete suite of services and expertise needed to ensure a smooth, efficient, and high-quality publishing process. Whether you’re trying to unravel the steps of how to self-publish a book, keen on understanding the nuances of self publishing a children’s book with illustrations, or aiming to get clarity on the associated self publishing a book cost, we stand beside you, guiding, supporting, and making it happen.

Self publish a book:

Self Publish a Book with UK Design Co.

For many budding authors, understanding how to self-publish a book can be a daunting task. With UK Design Co. as your partner, you’re not just getting a service—you’re getting a dedicated team.

Comprehensive Expertise for All Needs

Venturing into the world of self-publish UK? Our team is proficient in every aspect of the self-publishing process. From e-book conversion to cover design, we’ve got it covered. To understand our process better, submit a design brief and see how we can bring your vision to life.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Every layout, imagery, and typography is meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry benchmarks. And if you’re ever in doubt, we’re just a click away. Feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Tailored Solutions for Distinct Visions

We invest time in understanding your vision, ensuring our services for self-publishers align perfectly with your needs. To discuss your unique requirements, why not book a Zoom call with our experts?

Prompt and Efficient Turnaround

Knowing how essential time is, especially when you’re keen to self-publish a book, we guarantee swift delivery without compromising on excellence. If timeframes are a concern, submit a design brief and let us map out the timeline for you.

Transparent Pricing for Self Publishers

Pondering the self-publishing a book cost? Our transparent and competitive pricing packages ensure you get unparalleled value. For a detailed quote or to discuss budgeting, get in touch with our team.

Open Channels of Communication

Our commitment to transparent and continuous communication ensures you’re always in the loop. For immediate concerns, book a Zoom call. We’re here to help.

1. Self Publish a Book: Cover Design

The first impression of your book matters immensely. Our seasoned designers collaborate closely with authors, crafting bespoke covers that encapsulate the essence of the content and captivate the target audience. If you’re navigating the self-publish book route in the UK, it’s paramount to make a strong visual statement. Book a Zoom call with us to discuss your vision further.

3. Self Publish a Book: ISBN Registration

For those new to the self-publish UK domain, obtaining an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) can be a complex affair. We streamline this process for you, ensuring your book is readily recognised and catalogued. What’s more, you’ll save money when purchasing an ISBN through UK Design Co. and won’t have to worry about the registration process, BISAC codes, meta data, cover jackets, generating a barcode, or anything else – our team of experts will sort everything out for you.

Self publish a book - ISBN Registration

2. Typesetting and Formatting

Beyond the cover, the interior of your book should be presented immaculately. Our dedicated team ensures that your content is both visually appealing and reader-friendly. Concerned about self publishing a book cost? Submit a design brief, and we can guide you through the cost-effective solutions we provide.

Self publish a book - Formatting

4. Self Publish a Book on Amazon KDP

Harnessing the potential of the world’s premier online book marketplace is indispensable. We offer comprehensive assistance with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Get in touch if you need self publish help to make the most of Amazon’s platform. Our extensive range of services include everything from formatting cover and text artwork for KDP’s automated file upload system, through to E-book conversion in .kpf or .epub format.

Self publish a book - Amazon KDP

5. Self Publish a Book: Printer Support

Aligning with trusted printers, we ensure your book achieves the pinnacle of print quality. Whether it’s a broader distribution or a limited print run, we have your back. UK Design Co. is the recommended design agency for several of the UK’s most established book printers. Our team comprises several members that have previously worked in the printing industry, from production operators, through to company directors. For this reason, anyone looking to self publish a book, from concept to print, needs look no further than UK Design Co. – our printing experience is unmatched.

Self publish your book - Print Support

6. Self Publish a Book with E-book Conversion

In the digital age, having your book available for e-readers is essential. Our adept team transforms your manuscript into E-book formats, ensuring broad compatibility. We can convert text to all of the main E-Book formats, such as .epub, .mobi or .kpf, and provide solutions for all budgets. When ordering an E-book through UK Design Co. as part of your self-publishing journey, you can rest assured that your book is in the best of hands. We won’t cut any corners, returning an E-book that achieves the same standard that would be output by a large publishing house, but without the shockingly high costs.

Self publish your book - Ebook

7. Self Publish a Book: Proofreading and Copy-editing

A book free of errors not only enhances reader experience but also bolsters your reputation. Our vigilant proofreaders and copy-editors are at your service to ensure impeccable language throughout. We offer a wide range of services to suit all budgets. Get in touch today with our team and find out what we can do for you.

Self publish your book - Proofreading

8. Self Publish a Book in Multiple Languages

Eyeing a global readership? We offer translations that resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring your narrative maintains its charm across borders. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, why not book a Zoom call to discuss? While the vast majority of our customers request translations to and from languages such as English (UK), English (US), French, Spanish, European Portuguese, or Brazilian Portuguese, we also collaborate with partners who can cater to over 100 other languages. Whatever your translation needs, we’ve got you covered.

Self publish a book - Translation

9. Illustration and Graphic Design

Embarking on the journey of self-publishing a children’s book adorned with captivating illustrations? Or perhaps your content demands precise infographics, detailed scientific figures, insightful graphs, or other bespoke graphic elements? Our skilled illustrators and designers are adept at translating your vision into striking visuals. To ensure your illustrations align perfectly with your narrative, submit a design brief and let’s craft imagery that speaks volumes.

Self publish a book - Illustration

10. Consultation and Feedback Sessions

Sometimes, a guiding voice or feedback can illuminate the publishing path. We offer consultation sessions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you’re confident every step of the way.

Self publish a book - Consultation
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